college Application Writing & Editing

Personal Statements. Essays. Cover Letters. Resumes.

The written components of any college application are those that often hold the greatest opportunity to reveal who you are, to set yourself apart from the crowd, and to convey why an institution would want to have you as a member of it's learning community. It is a high-risk, high-reward proposition and we specialize in guiding you to stretch yourself to do your best writing, and to put your most unique and authentic self forward in compelling prose.

For these reasons, getting it right when it comes to writing is nothing less than critical. At Oyster we have deep experience and superlative skills when it comes to planning, organizing, proofreading, and honing the content and tone of your written work. 

Our process is dynamic and designed to fit your needs and work style. We conduct in-person and remote (phone, live chat, or online video) meetings and use cloud-based platforms to effectively and efficiently craft, share and collaboratively review and refine your work.  How you spend your time with us depends on what you need, and may include assessing what colleges are asking for, content brainstorming and strategy, review and analysis of successful sample work, outlining and timelining, and structure, grammar and syntax review and editing. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your writing and college applications.