Our most commonly provided services are described here. We work holistically with applicants and families to support them in many ways. If you are interested in support or services not listed here, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


Advising &

Tutoring and coaching are both offered as stand-alone services, and are commonly included along with our other services as students prepare for entrance exams and admission applications, depending on client needs and goals. Professional tutoring is offered in a wide variety of subjects, and can be conducted both in person and remotely, online.

Advising and planning are are at the heart of what we do. From providing quick guidance and suggestions, to helping you with more strategic decisions and existential questions, Oyster advisers help our clients understand themselves as well as the complex array of options that face every college-bound family. Learn more about how talking with us can help provide clarity, direction, and the information that can can help you discern what's right for you.


To the uninitiated, the higher education landscape can be understandably overwhelming. There are over 4000 colleges and universities in the U.S., hundreds of majors to choose from, and a daunting array of complex choices to make on the road between here and there. Oyster can help with institutional research by type, academic offering, geography, cost, or any factor that is important to you. We provide detail - and data - on different fields of study, associated career paths, and how colleges perform based on costs and student success. Depending on how you like to work and learn, we can gather information for you to distill, or provide analysis and recommendations based on your interests, questions, and specific needs.








Talk to an Oyster adviser about how you can educate yourself about financing college, and the world of financial aid options. We can partner with you to identify funding opportunities, help you assess costs and benefits of different colleges and academic pathways, and ultimately work with you to make informed decisions about how to best invest your resources in a college education that will have both meaning and value for you.

When it comes time for campus visits, Oyster can help you strategize about which schools to visit and when, as well as what you should see and do, and who you should meet. We help research and recommend lodging, logistics, and itineraries that allow you to get to know the things about each school that are most important to you. Contact us to learn more about how we help you make the most out of your campus visits. 


Getting it right when it comes to your writing is nothing less than critical. At Oyster, we have deep experience and superlative skills when it comes to planning, organizing, proofreading, and honing the content and tone of your written work. We work in-person and remotely to effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively craft, share, review, and refine your essays, cover letters, and personal statements so that they stand out and set you apart. 

We encourage you to contact us with questions, to schedule an initial consultation, or to learn more about how Oyster can support you and your family as you consider, and prepare for, your college experience.