college Finances, Scholarships, & Aid

Just as every family's financial resources are unique, so is the value proposition of every different college and academic career. If college is a goal, it's important not to let the actual - or perceived - cost of college preclude your own exploration of what is possible.

The financial aid options available to prospective students are diverse and substantial, and its essential to understand how your own resources, needs, and financial opportunities can align to meet the varying costs of different colleges. For virtually all college-bound individuals, there are a variety of feasible and affordable possibilities. How do you know what's possible, where to go for information, and how to weigh the options? 

Talk to an Oyster adviser about how you can educate yourself about financing college, and how the financial aid system works. We can partner with you to identify affordable schools and funding opportunities, and help you assess costs and benefits of different colleges and academic pathways. We can offer guidance and help you review financial aid applications as well as offer letters. Ultimately we work with you to make an informed decision about how to best invest your resources in a college education that will have both meaning and value for you.