Majors & Careers

The choice of what to study is as big - maybe bigger - than the choice of where to study. Hundreds of potential majors that span a diversity of disciplines map in complex ways to different career paths. Understanding the options is essential to making the right choice of college, and making the most out of the college experience and beyond. We recommend exploring and learning about different fields of study, to help you think deeply about how different academic options fit your own interests, strengths, values, and goals.

In addition to talking through this with an Oyster Adviser, you can use the resources below, along with a variety of self-assessments, to help clarify what is most appealing, important, and the best fit for you.

College Board Majors & Career Search

Best Colleges Guide to Choosing a Major

List of Collegiate Major Fields of Study

Fields of Knowledge - a great interactive map of academic and professional disciplines.

Common Jobs for Different Majors

Career Earnings by College Major