Campus Visits

College is one of the biggest investments – possibly the biggest – that you will ever make. Knowing what you are investing in is simply a must, and no amount of research or consultation can substitute for seeing and experiencing a campus – and campus culture – for yourself. There are a vast array of factors to consider beyond academics - geography, housing, climate, extracurricular opportunities, cost of living, and many more. 

When it comes time to visit schools, Oyster can help you strategize which schools to visit and when, as well as what you should see and do, who you should meet, what questions to ask. We can help research and recommend lodging, logistics, and itineraries that will make the most effective and efficient use of your time in helping you get to know the things about each school and its surroundings that are most important to you. At some schools, we can arrange for a local Oyster affiliate to meet with you to provide guidance and answer questions while you are on site.

We can also provide support for interview preparation including review of sample interview questions, as well as advice and feedback on content and delivery of answers, strategies for individual versus group interviews, and suggestions on attire and personal presentation.

Find out more about how Oyster can help make campus visits a breeze, and in the meantime, we recommend visiting the Campus Tours website which provides virtual tours of hundreds of colleges and universities.